ETRM Base is a system for monitoring and studying the Greek and international wholesale electricity market.

  • It includes an automatic data retrieval mechanism, which daily collects data published on the Internet by functioning electricity market and related organizations.
  • Performs validation during data collection, and notifies the user via e-mail if a problem is detected ( eg publication of prices outside the expected range) .
  • The data is automatically collected in a database, from where it is possible to export a multitude of reports, from a user- friendly GUI .
  • The system collects, stores and manages the following data categories:

Greek energy market ( ITSO / LAGIE )

- LT PTR Nominations
- Day Ahead Scheduling Unit Availabilities
- Day Ahead Scheduling Requirements
- Day Ahead Scheduling Results
- Dispatch Scheduling Results
- IntraDay Dispatch Scheduling Results
- System Realization (SCADA)
- ExPost Imbalance Pricing Results
- Week Ahead Load Forecast
- Week Ahead Water Usage Declaration
- Yearly Auction Results
- Monthly Auction Results
- Daily Auction Results
- Unit Production

Energy markets abroad

- Greece - Italy Inerconnection (CASC)
- Italian energy market (GME MGP, MI1-4)
- Turkish energy market (PMUMP)
- Bulgarian energy market (ESO / EAD)
- Romanian energy market (OPCOM)
- Hungarian energy market (HUPX)
- German , French and Swiss energy market (EPEX)
- Austrian energy market (EXAA)
- CO2 Emmision Rights Market (ICE)
- Exchange rates (ECB)

ETRM Trade

ETRM Trade is a transaction management system for the wholesale electricity market that provides you with the following options:

  • It captures all deal information for buying, selling or reselling energy and power, with advanced capabilities, such as the creation of user-defined variable time profiles and the automatic creation of standardized transactions.
  • It automatically collects all the necessary information for the analysis and assessment of trade and production reports (eg PnL) at various levels, from the internet.
  • It also contains facilities to produce all the files necessary for participation in the Greek and Italian energy market in XML files offers LAGIE, XML offers GME, TPS.

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