IEBS Billing is a complete system for managing and billing customers in the retail electricity market, according to the Electricity Supply Code. It provides all procedures necessary for an electricity supplier, including:

  • Sending representation applications through the THALIS system.
  • Managing all metering data files.
  • Ex Ante energy consumption.
  • Low voltage measurements.
  • Medium voltage measurements [MV].
  • Intermediate meter measurements.
  • High voltage measurements.
  • Invoicing Low, Medium and High Voltage clients with user defined pricing packages.
  • Exporting accounts to print ready PDF format, or to ASCII or XML format for external printing.
  • Entering payments and monitoring balances.
  • Managing collections through the DIAS system, including standing orders.
  • Identifying suspension of service or reconnection via Thales .
  • Calculating Load Declaration and exporting it to XML file .
  • Complete management of third party charges (Charges for Municipalities EETIDE / EETAA).
  • Importing all incoming data files.
  • Calculating third-party charge payments.
  • Extracting third-party charge data files.
  • Producing a multitude of reports and analyses.
  • Providing interconnection for communication with third party systems (ERP, Call Center , etc.).


IEBS CS complements the IEBS Billing, and manages invoicing procedures and customer support. It:

  • Offers the opportunity to fully review the client (360 ° View).
  • Allows capturing of incoming and outgoing calls and call follow-up.
  • Manages invoice collection automatically based on customizable criteria and flows.
  • Allows administrator-level users to monitor all ongoing cases and assigns them to different users.
  • Collaborates with the IEBS Billing system to perform actions such as; reprinting accounts, sending accounts by e-mail, sending service interruption notices , and performing numerous other tasks.


IEBS Sales Force Automation is a web platform that automates the sale process for electricity suppliers. It enables network partners, to securely submit representation applications, via an Internet connection. The partner's work-flow is monitored interactively from the initial submission of an application to the successful representation of the final client. That way, the processing time procedures are reduced, partners can directly track the course of their applications, and the supplier has a comprehensive view of its partners' activities with a complete set of reports.
Finally, this system fully cooperates with the IEBS Billing system for two-way data transfer and performs all necessary tasks for the representation of the final client.

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